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Destination Wedding and wedding anniversary

The most intimate marriages allow a couple to express their love, their history and their personalities with more genuineness.
A wedding in two in a vineyard in Tuscany, or with a family in a historic villa in Rome or a more relaxed one in a boat with friends: anything is possible.

And if you want to renew your vows or celebrate a wedding anniversary in style, our beautiful country is perfect! With its magnificent landscapes and extraordinary cuisine, Italy has
everything you need to make your moment unique.


The marriage proposal is one of the most emotional moments of a couple’s life and can’t be trivial. We would love to organize the
most beautiful surprise for your significant other: in the center of Rome, in a medieval village in Tuscany, on a terrace while the sun sets in Amalfi or two thousand meters high on Mount Etna.

You choose the scenario, we plan and record this special moment.

Prewedding and
honeymoon photoshoot

If you have chosen an Italian city for your honeymoon or have arranged a romantic trip before the wedding, why not keep track
of this wonderful adventure?

We will capture your emotions and make these moments eternal!

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